Wild boar research project

Research project on wild boar in the national park region

Investigations into the stock growth and land use of wild boar in the national park and adjacent agricultural areas have been carried out since October 2016 as part of the wild boar research project in cooperation with the Regional Hunting Association of Thuringia and the Forest Research and Competence Centre Gotha – ThüringenForst AöR.


With the help of methods such as GPS telemetry and photo traps, our knowledge of wild boar adapting to life in a mosaic of habitats with very different anthropogenic uses and sometimes high food resources is to be increased.
Based on the results of the project, recommendations for wildlife management in the national park and neighbouring hunting districts as well as for the management of agricultural land in the region are to be developed and discussed with all parties involved.
Please visit the project website www.schwarzwild-hainich.de for further information.

Alisa Klamm

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