Wildcat Enclosure

Get up close and personal with wildcats

You can admire the velvety paws and their vivacious prey in the "Wildcat Enclosure". You may go and hide between stacks of wood, climb into a cave or climb up the observation tower to avoid disturbing the animals.

The wildcats are fed two to three times a day. These public feedings are much loved by visitors. During the approx. 20 min show feeding you learn a lot about the wildcats, their natural habitat and the enclosure. See how these amazing animals catch their food or balance over the branches almost without making a sound.

To ensure that the cats stay "wild and fit", the feeding times are different every day so they don’t get into a set rhythm. You can call +49 36254 – 86 51 80 to check up-to-day feeding times. They can also be found on the Wildcat Village's website: www.wildkatzendorf.com

Access to the enclosure and the exhibition is subject to charges.

If you fancy a walk in the beautiful woodlands of Hainich National Park, the Wildcat Path (7 km) and the Wildcat Secret Path (1,5 km) start at the enclosure.


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30.09.2016 von Sabine Hoffmann

Besuchen Sie das Widkatzengehege zur Fütterungszeit. Dann erhalten Sie eine Führung mit interessanten Details zu den scheuen Tieren. Neben der Wildkatzenlichtung ist ein Picknickplatz mit Klettergerüsten. Von dort startet auch der Wildkatzenschleichpfad. Sehr zu empfehlen für Familien mit Kindern

Wildcat Village Hütscheroda
Wildcat Village Hütscheroda
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+49 36254/865180 +49 36254/865182 www.wildkatzendorf.de
Image: Wildcats in Hainich National Park
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