Family Fairytale Walk

Family Fairytale Walk

The Fairytale Nature Path Feensteig enchants visitors of all ages. This walk invites you to see the tableaux of nature with your eyes in fairytale mode.



3 km


What's there to see?

Leisurely walk with 14 stops where you can find natural objects that range from pretty ordinary to very special, fairytale quotations, activities and quizzes.

At the start of the walk, there is a small meadow with a roofed seating area. You find a larger meadow near the car park. Both are great places for a picnic.

Getting there

Ramblers' car park "Weberstedt"

Find an overview of the national park's ramblers' car parks and the nearest railway and bus stops on our interactive map. You find the map in the quick links in the left window pane or in the central column on this page.

Places to eat

We recommend our National Park Partner

Schills Schenke

Fancy a picnic? There is a roofed seating area at the beginning of the walk.

Further information

Leaflet on the adventure path Feensteig

Fairytale Nature Path Feensteig
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Fairytale Nature Path Feensteig - elevation profile

277.00,276.00,275.00,273.00,273.00,274.00,277.00,279.00,280.00,281.00,280.00,279.00,280.00,282.00,283.00,285.00,285.00,285.00,286.00,282.00,282.00,283.00,283.00,283.00,283.00,281.00,280.00,280.00,279.00,275.00,273.00,271.00,272.00,273.00,276.00,283.00,290.00,292.00,294.00,295.00,299.00,297.00,295.00,299.00,300.00,300.00,301.00,298.00,290.00,284.00,277.00,276.00,275.00,274.00,272.00,272.00,273.00,273.00,275.00,275.00,273.00,273.00,267.00 highest point: 301 m
lowest point: 267 m